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TOT and TT&T are now blocking access to overseas SMTP servers

People who prefer to use their own hosting provider SMTP servers (especially travellers who don't need to change SMTP settings all the time in this case) will have problems sending emails from now on. TT&T claims they started to block port 25 to prevent SPAM from going out. Actually, there are quite a lot of ISPs in the world doing the same. There are at least three concerns about this setup:
a) if TT&T SMTP server fail, we don't have a backup,
b) We cannot send mail securely through our SMTP and
c) As all emails from TT&T subscribers will be going through one server in Thailand, there might be privacy complications...
Workaround: check with your e-mail/hosting provider if they support alternative SMTP ports - many of them do (often on ports 587 or 2525). Most email programs will allow you to change SMTP port. Quite common for the providers is to open port 465 for secure SMTP (SMTPS) with SSL.

TOT and TT&T Promotions

Both communication companies offer ADSL promotions with a choice of connection speed. Packages have an unlimited traffic. For more information, please contact TOT and TT&T (076-249555) offices located on the 2nd floor of Central Festival Phuket. Check the Official TT&T price list for ADSL and TOT JetPack promotion rates.

Actually, TT&T and TOT provide you only the ADSL link, Internet access is provided to you by the Internet Provider with whom TOT or TT&T have a special agreement. You need to use SMTP server for this provider to send mail (if you don't use any third-party SMTP).

Who your actual Internet Provider is? You can find out on IP2Location. Then use settings for the provider from the table below. With these promotions you cannot choose who your provider will be.

Please note what most DSLAMs (the electronic equipment your ADSL line is connected to at the telephone exchange) will support either PPPoA or PPPoE with VC/Mux or LLC encapsulation.

ADSL Line Providers
Provider Support Encapsulation VPI/VCI Authentication Info Page
TOT 1100
PPPoE/LLC 1/32 PAP ADSL (Thai)
TT&T/3BB 076-200997 PPPoE/LLC 0/33 PAP  
CAT Telecom   PPPoE/LLC 0/35 PAP  


Internet Providers
Provider Support SMTP DNS IP Ranges Proxy
Hi Net (CAT) 1322 (TT&T)
02-6141000 (24h)
Loxinfo 02-2638000  
KSC 02-9797000*
Internet Thailand 02-2577111
True Internet
TOT 1100

* — requires outgoing server authentication

ADSL Modem vs. Router: what to choose?

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