Treat all future networks that I connect to as public – reset the option

Sometimes it is not possible to click on the “Public Network” open the network profile screen, then the easiest geek way to fix it is to remove a registry key:

Delete the key: HideWizard

Afterwards you need to disable and then re-enable the problematic network adapter.

3 responses to “Treat all future networks that I connect to as public – reset the option”

  1. Tom says:

    I went there, and there was no key named HideWizard .

    I replaced one (out of two) modem-router after a major storm. It is a DSL routed bridge connection to use dual DSL lines because true broadband is unavailable at the location.

    The 2nd network I connected to (using Windows 7 Professional) was not prompted as to its type when connecting; it just became “Unidentified Network” as a Public Network. I cannot change its type, nor name, nor icon.

    Any reason for this? I’d also like to change it to a trusted network.

  2. admin says:

    Your 2nd network does not not have a DHCP server or, if you are using a static IP config, does not have a default gateway.

  3. dcgroce says:

    how do I access the networks profile screen? it is not listed in control panel, networks and sharing center.

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