Fast GPS Tracking Server for Phuket / Thailand / SE Asia Users

We are providing a fast GPS tracking server for our customers located in Phuket, Thailand or South East Asia. Our main clientele are the car rental agencies wanting to track their assets 24/7.

  • Server access is secured with HTTPS.
  • The service rate is USD$10 per tracker per year.
  • Free one week trial is available

We can provide the trackers as well (by order, prices from 1500 baht) and our car mechanic colleagues can perform the installation in Phuket.

GPS Tracker

VoIP Solutions on Phuket

Depending on your needs and quality of your Internet connection, there are two options:
Set up a VoIP server in your office, or on the virtual server in Singapore. We do not recommend virtual servers in Thailand.

You can use software or hardware phones. We are supplying equipment from Grandstream and Yealink.

Incoming Calls

If you have a Thai-registered company, you can get a 5-channel Phuket VoIP number (076-xxxxxx).
A private person or a company can obtain Bangkok VoIP number (02-xxxxxxx).

Call Recording



HP AIO Printer Software Refuses to Install on USB3.0 Only System

The problem is described on HP Support Forums:

After 20 minutes of investigation, I believe we have a much easier solution that does not require BIOS changes.

  1. Download HP AIO software package
  2. Download WinRar, install it
  3. Right-click on HP software package, select Extract with WinRar into a folder.
  4. Go into “setup” subfolder
  5. Inside you will find usbready.exe – Intel USB System Check utility from year 2007 (no surprise it doesn’t know about USB3.0!). This utility has a command line mode and returns exit code 0 on successful USB check.
  6. Delete usbready.exe
  7. Go back to the main folder
  8. Run Setup.exe